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Coming from Cracow, one of Polands biggest cities, TERRORDOME represents very fast and ultra brutal form of crossover/thrash metal. The genre had its peak in mid 80’s, and had its highs and lows since that and many transformations, which led to breed similar and new sub genres of extreme music. In modern-day, big labels have promoted many bands with a sticker of being “retro”, like “retro thrash”, “retro doom”, etc. But still, the most interesting and worth support bands are in so-called “second league”, taking their influence straight from the sources, intentionally hiding in the underground, building their loyal fan base and contribute to the genre with involvement and sacrifice for the cause of fulfill their dreams and giving the audience, honest and uncompromised music. Just like TERRORDOME, that got two full lengths at their belt and bunch of ep’s and splits, singles and compilations, and right now putting together next release. Golden Age Of Metal had spoken with lead singer and guitarist Uappa.


1. I had made my research on the web and other sources, and read older interviews. You’ve got two albums and many other releases, many gigs in Poland and few incredible tours abroad. Few years back, You’ve been complaining about
attendance on shows. How You feel about it now in 2018?

Hi! I do not like to complain, but lets say that after my observation, I can state in fact – thrash metal is falling down. At least the one that we are playing. From people I met, I hear that thrash metal wave has passed, Polish audience turn to other, more mature and dominating bands, there is too many shows, and people can attend all of them. We get that and do our thing. When we play big festivals – it’s awesome, when we do small tours – their worse, just like our last European one. But still we learning from it and work hard. Maybe another wave of thrash metal will come around, we’ll see, as for now we are moving forward.

2. From first sounds of “Machete Justice” my head was banging. Aggression, speed and off course that old-school feel in Your music, blown me away. How the monster like TERRORDOME was born?

I’m glad! In 2005 I was 18 years old, Mekong was 21, we both wanted to show our local scene how metal should be played. Without prejudice, without trendy shit and technical jerk off.  Unrestrained pure fucking brutal force, rebellious and evil.

3. Cover arts of TERRORDOME releases reminds me the best of thrash metal and crossover classic titles. It reminds me the art of Ed Repka a lot, Which in my opinion is good, cause listener can figure out what kind of music to expect. It’s always nice when band creates music, art and image that is tight to each other. Who is the graphic artist?

Covers, pictures and layouts are important for us. Master Bialkowski himself has painted them for us – all the details are in booklets. Only cover for “We’ll show You Mosh, Bitch!” was made by Remi C. from Headsplit Design.

4. You’re a bit younger than me, how come that You get involved in ultra fast and dirty thrash metal genre? Modern mainstream media promotes more polished and mediocre music for youngsters, and Polish extreme music scene is packed with death and black metal bands, retro bands are known only by die-hard fandom.

Each one of us in TERRORDOME listens to something different but what connects us all is that we want to play and promote thrash metal. We all have changed since we started the band, but the biggest mistake for TERRORDOME would be recording album that is not thrash. But that’s just impossible!

5. You’ve just publish on social media casting for replacement of Your drummer Murgrabia Mekong. Will this affect Your activity?

Mekong is one of godfathers of the band ( I’m the second haha ). In near future we await a small reorganization and re-think other matters. We gonna miss him and his involvement, but we hope we will find good replacement for him. Time will tell.

6. As I heard, You’re working on TERRORDOME’s third full length. Will it be released this year? What can we expect?

New album is taking shapes as we speak. People can expect as always – total fucking thrashing madness. Unfortunately Mekong won’t play on that record, that’s why we keep calm while looking for new drummer and don’t get tensed with new record.

terrordome.jpeg7. Are all tracks made already awaiting for recording?

We’ve got 12 tracks right now, but we want to work on few more. There’s no rush, as we need to work all of them with new drummer. It can be tought, Mekong is hard to replace and he had a heavy fucking hand for blasting the snare.

8. Any ideas where recording session will take place?

I think it will be Studio Zed in Olkusz. Personally I have very good understanding with Tomek Zalewski. I want more dirt this time, more interesting leads and maybe a little different sound overall.

9. You are confident with DIY approach with shows and videos. Investing money and time in a band gives You freedom, and You don’t have to kiss anybody’s ass or signing long-term contracts with some bullshit labels. Are You satisfied with TERRORDOME’s achievements?

Yes, I think we all are quite satisfied. Not many underground bands can afford to make a trip to Brazil, Japan and Chine – like we did in one fucking year. We had that opportunity after we release “Machete Justice”. It exceeded our expectations and we were really tired traveling all the time, but totally fulfilled. As for the label – I wish we had somebody who can make better promotion for us. We are very glad for everything that Defense Records done for us, but I think we need somebody more accurate in terms of promoting the band, booking and other legal things. We are not getting younger You know.

10. Last couple of months, extreme music witness cancelling some of the shows in Europe, for various bands, due to political pressure of some catholic protesting groups. Have You ever experience this sort of things? Any thoughts?

Yes. Just a month ago our show in Berlin, while we was touring Deathread – Boiling Aggression Tour 2018,has been cancelled. The reason for this was apparently our “sexist” video for “Welcome to the Bangbus”. In half hour time, promoter gets shitload of emails with threats and order to cancel the show. Gig was cancelled three days prior, and we played in Rzeszów instead. But it’s nothing compared to 2018 May tour of MARDUK and Infernal War – fucked up times we live in!

11. Do You even interested in politics?

I’m not. I don’t give a shit for things I can’t change. Don’t know about other guys, will have to ask each of them.

12. Both TERRORDOME albums been released by Defense Records. Have You ever any propositions from other labels?

Well, in terms of that, we are looking for a label that will give us good honest conditions. Mainly the goal is better promotion and expanding in distribution of our records. We had some talks with Massacre Records and Punishment 18. We will deal with that subject after recording our new album, we don’t want to count one’s chickens before they are hatched.

13. You’ve played massive amount of shows, shared stage with many bands, both small and big names and toured many countries. How band like TERRORDOME, without major label achieved all that? Tours in Brazil and Japan are a wet dream for many bigger bands.

It’s all just a hard work. We are promoting ourself by playing fucking good gigs, we help other bands on tours, we share our duties. We try to always invest in new gear, invest in our band. This is how You do it in underground; it’s not some kind of stardom career or headhunters help, it’s hard work, both – physical and intellectual, work after hours. Many great musicians that I know, yield somekind of expectation for things to come. And nothing fucking happened. No pain – no gain. You have to put some sweat to it, talent is not enough.

14. What is TERRORDOME for You?

It is most part of my/our life. It’s everyday reality and a jump away from mediocrity at same time.

15. It’s my last question. What are the nearest plans for TERRORDOME?

We are currently co-organizers of CROSS OVER CRACOW #7 fest, that will take place on 21st of July 2018; there’s gonna be a lot of bands from U.S.A. – Lich King, SOAX, Condition Critical and others. Last gig with Mekong will be there. After that we are going to finish works on new record and hope to find new drummer. Next will be recording, putting layout artwork and booking new shows – hopefully for 2019. Long Live Thrash!

Thank You for Your time. Last words for my readers belongs to You.

Thanks for nice questions.
If You want to know anything about TERRORDOME, news and shows, please visit http://www.terrordome.net.pl !.


GAoM 2018.



To już było, nudne, słyszałem to… jak czytam takie komentarze fanów metalu, to 70% wypowiedzi świadczy o tym, jakoby słyszeli już chyba wszystko i znają się na tym jak nikt. Czy słusznie ? Czy w metalu nie można dzisiaj wymyślić już nic oryginalnego?

Sam jako muzyk i fan muzyki słucham jej bardzo dużo, sporo już słyszałem, mimo swojego „szczeniackiego wieku”, ale zacząłem swą podróż bardzo wcześnie. Będę bronił dzisiejszych zespołów i muzyków, którzy inspirują się twórczością swoich „bohaterów”, mistrzów,  często idąc tą samą ścieżką, co ich idole, nie znaczy to bowiem, że zmierzają do tego samego celu. Może skręcą gdzieś po drodze…

Oczywiście świat zna wiele przykładów kopiowania czy zapożyczeń, które nie wniosły nic nowego do historii muzyki, tylko stały się wręcz karykaturalne… znam takie przykłady z naszej warszawskiej sceny, ale oczywiście daruję sobie rzucanie konkretnymi nazwami, nie o to chodzi. Czy twórcę może inspirować to samo co jego idola? Może! Myślę, że to naturalne, i  że są ludzie co lubią tę samą barwę, podobne emocje są im bliskie, ale wyrażają je, w sobie właściwy sposób,  co daje efekt  wyjątkowy.

Odbiorcy podoba się najbardziej to, co już słyszał i tu mamy problem. Z jednej strony łatwo popełnić utwór, bardzo mocno inspirowany danym artystą, co będzie skwitowane słowami jak wyżej, albo rzucić wszystko na jedną kartę i szukać inspiracji w innym gatunku muzyki, nawet w innej dziedzinie sztuki, co może zaowocować czymś oryginalnym! i tu dochodzimy do problemu i przyszłych konsekwencji takich działań. Jak zespół już ma ugruntowaną pozycje i zacznie eksperymentować, podążać w trochę innym kierunku, to od razu pojawia się fala krytyki, a jak z kolei zespół jest z tych raczkujących i jakimś cudem popełni coś oryginalnego, to też spotka się z brakiem zrozumienia. Pytanie jest, gdzie kompromis, czy artysta musi być „niewolnikiem odbiorcy”? i jak inspirować się by nie kopiować ?

Bez Judas Priest nie było by Slayer’a i przykłady można mnożyć, ale podoba mi się jak duże zespoły pomimo swojego stażu i przyzwyczajeń słuchacza do danego stylu czy konwencji, potrafią pójść pod prąd i zrobić coś dla siebie albo nagrywać płyty, w których za każdym razem widać progres, nie mówiąc o kwestii technicznej, ale stricte aranżacyjnej czy emocjonalnej.

Ludzie dzielą się na dwa obozy, na tych którzy chodzą z przyzwyczajenia, wciąż do tej samej knajpy i zamawiają kotleta z kapustą i na takich, co lubią sobie czasami chapnąć innego zwierza…mówię tu o odbiorcach, ale też można to odnieść do twórców. Zespół czy solista, który słucha czy gra bez przerwy Death metal i nic poza tym, jakie ma narzędzia do tego, aby rozwijać ten gatunek, aby dodać coś więcej, coś z „zewnątrz”? Ktoś mądry kiedyś mi powiedział, że warto szukać inspiracji i eksplorować nowe „tereny sztuki”, zdobywać warsztat, który na to pozwoli ale nie chodzi tylko kwestię techniki ale również świadomości muzycznej –osłuchania, które nabywa się przez lata i doświadczenie.

Wracając do tematu inspiracja … to jedynie drogowskaz dla artysty, a nie nakaz jazdy prosto, jak to jest w przypadku kopiowania. Na sztukę trzeba się otworzyć, ona od nas tego wymaga.

A odbiorca też może trochę wyluzować i nie usztywniać się jak jego ulubiony artysta zrobi cos innego…

Ale odpowiedzmy sobie wreszcie na pytanie czy lubimy słuchać wciąż tego samego?

Ja uważam że nawet na polskiej scenie jest od cholery oryginalnych i doskonałych zespołów i to mnie bardzo cieszy.

A idąc już na skalę ogólno światową, to nadal czekam na dzieło na miarę “Raining Blood” Slayer’a czy trochę z innej bajki “Surfing with the alien” Joe Satrianiego … Oby tlko POLSKIE!

Sam bardzo lubię steki ale czasami idę na tatara.


Autor: Tomasz Radzikowski.